All About Adrienne

Adrienne is a stand up comedian and former dancer currently living in Los Angeles. She spent the first 20 years of her life dancing and trained at The Ailey School in New York City as well as interned at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan. Injury and fatigue ended her dance career and forced Adrienne back to her sort-of home in Florida where she earned a degree in Linguistics and a minor in computer science. With dreams of graduate school dashed by unfortunate circumstances, Adrienne started doing stand up comedy in Boca Raton in the fall of 2011 where she learned that having a musical theater and dance background helped her get on stage with little to no jitters and years of horrifyingly dark events and sarcastic wit gave her the skills her to hone her voice very early on; she likes to hear visceral reactions from audiences, whether they be laughs or gasps—as long as she can hear them.

In the spring of 2013 Adrienne moved to Los Angeles and started grinding her way through the open mic scene. In June of 2013 Patton Oswalt found her on twitter and asked her to open for him at the Fake Gallery on Melrose, to which she happily agreed. He thanked her publicly and wrote the she was “Hilarious…and disturbing.” Twitter has been a big part of Adrienne’s success as it’s an excellent outlet for her premises and very bizarre thoughts. She used to host a show called Canopy Comedy in her backyard in North Hollywood then took over a show at The Cork Lounge in Sherman Oaks after moving to Studio City and still hosts that show every Wednesday.

Adrienne plans to write a book one day, but until then is happy to keep generating jokes, performing improv and filming sketches in her web series with friend, roommate and fellow female comedian Delanie Fischer called “Two Inches Apart“.